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Dexter can be in the hallway or dining room or even the bedroom and if Barbara drive up he knows it's her car and will come out to greet her..


They are amazing critters. My husband and my eldest daughter both drive Dodge Ram 1500 trucks. Our dogs are very familiar with the engine noise of those trucks, to the point that when one drives by our house, the dogs perk up listening for whether or not it will pull into our driveway. If it does, doggie pandemonium ensues.

Our German Shepherd, Elke, is a perfect example of selective hearing. Her ability to hear snack bags opening or food being dropped is uncanny, yet she acts pokey when she's being called and is more interested in some new smell. Our Doberman, Maxine, who despite floppy ears can hear just as well, comes instantly when called.

geogia little pea

What a great post! I believe Georgia has already developed selective hearing. She seems to know when Cushion is coming home way before I hear the bike chomping up the street. Likewise with the tiniest rustle of her brekkie being prepared even though she looks like she's fast asleep upstairs. But when I call (scream at) her to toilet or to have a bath, she could be on another planet. Very good at ignoring me, is the girl.

I shall now always imagine antennas on dogs with upright ears!


My ears aren't as long as some other hunting dogs, but I'm never distracted by sounds either!

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

I find that a big part of hearing (for humans and dogs) is attention. I'm a pretty attentive person so it's rare that Honey hears something before I do. But she's certainly poised for certain sounds, like a dog going by outside.


My beagle Roxanne, could hear a flake of tuna hit the floor from two rooms away.

Delilah jumps and runs whenever the pantry or refrigerator door are opened.

Both Sampson and Delilah can hear if the other one is chewing. :-) Sampson just turned 8, but he can still her Delilah monjing on a treat. :-)

Blueberry's human

Actually - Blueberry is getting better about responding to my voice. I just do a clicking thing with my tongue when we are walking so she knows which way we are not going. Although at times when she is really adamant about going off the trail I do find myself saying "No we are not going that way so don't even think about it." Lol - that usually gets her attention.

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