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I love a happy ending! Fiona is a beautiful girl and I am certain her human is happy to have found her. Amazing what that vet did for her eyes too!


I bawl every time I watch this - she is just so sad and so defeated - and to see her looking so happy is just incredible.


I'd like to get in touch with the people that did that too her so I could bip them into a coma, and the people that fixed her and adopted her so I could hug them.


I do remember little Fiona. I don't think she's too concerned about being ASPCA Dog of the Year, but very happy to have found a kind, loving family.


I agree with Cube...I think she is really happy to have a family...hang the title!


Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Dogs are willing to accept help. Which makes a story like this so satisfying.

I hope Fiona enjoys many happy years with her family.


I had a weep again too. She's such a lovely friendly dog.


Depression is the state that will not disappear in the course of time. Just the contrary, depression tends to take you over and develop into a major depressive disorder that is very hard to cure.

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