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Sherry in MT

OMG - I am constantly astounded by the stupidity of humans!


OMG are you kidding? The dog had a better chance in the truck!


Obviously some synpases just weren't connecting properly. I mean, I appreciate the thought but... Good thing someone happened to see it all play out!

Love/hate the pun at the end. ;-)


*head slap* I can't believe this is the only solution that occurred to this maroon.

Blueberry's human

Seriously? What a moron!

geogia little pea

Dear lord. We humans have stopped evolving haven't we.


what a dick.....


What a hideous thing to do...


"It is not known whether the puppy was paper trained"


Jen @MyBrownNewfies

OK, I tend to think outside of the box sometimes too, but this is just crazy!

Karen Friesecke

Guess buying a dog crate might have been a good idea....

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Y'know, under the circumstances, most fast food restaurants probably would have served him if he walked up to the drive-thru.


I don't know if that is a joke or it really happened? If it's real, some people have are clueless??

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