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When I saw the title I thought it was going to be for an app that allowed pet owners to track the condition of their own dogs' poop...

Apparently it's more useful to narc on others. Heh.


And yet they let burglars and robbers off with a caution..


Oh my dog, what will they think of next. I do however know of people that live on my street who let their dogs poop wherever and they don't clean it up. I've often wondered how I could report them without them knowing it was me.

Elizabeth K

:-) I personally think we (in the USA) should adopt the term "foul" (in the context of doggie doo) immediately.

"foul on sports pitches should be named and shamed."
Perhaps the offenders should be made to stand on the "pitch" wearing a big brown letter "F."
(Sorry, I'll stop now. ;D)


not exactly relevant but another good reason to always scoop the poop: a loooong time ago (1988) a friend of mine was walking her neighbors' dogs (a great dane & a good-sized mutt) while they were out of town. Naturally she scooped up after both of them when they went; they lived in the same stretch of condos & she didn't want to step in it anymore than anyone else. Then she brought the dogs home but decided not to throw away the poop bags in her friends' apartment because they weren't due home until late the next day, & she didn't want it sitting there, stinking up the apartment. She gets a few steps out the front door, down a little alleyway & this guy jumps out & grabs her from behind. He started to say something & she took those bags full of dog poop & jammed them over her shoulder & into the guy's face. When the cops picked him up he STILL had poop smeared all over his hair, in his eyes & in his mouth.


Fantastic!! It certainly makes a lethal weapon.


This is an interesting concept, but is money being spent of forensics and tracking down the K-9 culprit? How will they be able to tell in a neighborhood or park who's pooch "done it"? While it is doubtful that this will actually improve the conditions, maybe it will scare pet owners into taking responsibility for their Pet's Poo... and hopefully the App is free:)


I know lots of people who just "look the other way" while the dog is pooping, then go on like they 'didn't know'.

Because of my shelter work I always have a bag on my hand and am glad to pick up the poop having a dog park is a privilege and those dogs so need a good run!



My peoples pick up after us, but in two incidents my peoples did not bring poop bags (because Leah had tricked them by going, and saving some) and had to walk BACK to the scene of the "crime" to remove it...

Had they brought ME along, they could have just asked me to clean up the mess for them. :-)


Technological wonders never cease. This is up there with condo associations conducting DNA tests on poop so they can identify the ones that habitually neglect to pick up after their dogs.


them brits..

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