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I think its silly they have their own stair case but then again if I had an endless amount of money who knows I might install one for fun :)

Thank you about your feedback about Purina and the China issue I have heard before so that will be on the top list of questions!!


LOL I don't get it. I pamper my pooches but this is beyond.


It's an interesting design element. And I like that the slope is more gentle than the other one. But my dogs wouldn't understand if they were put on one staircase and I was on another. They'd try and jump down onto mine.


A stupid thing so those who have too much money can spend it on something, I think.


Married with Dawgs

I don't know. Hurley has tried to trip me on the stairs several times. Of course being the rational people we are, we elected to teach him to wait at the top of the stairs rather than installing a separate stair case.


I don't think my dogs would care, but my cats would probably love it.


Oh how funny!

I think Elka would be confused as to why we're not on the same staircase.

geogia little pea

The only plus point I can see is that the incline is gentler for dogs with mobility problems in which case, a doggy elevator would probably be even spiffier. I would carpet or put a rubber mat down too, for better grip :)


is there a chinese word for Schmuck?

Just Toby

I would think my peoples were weird if they gave me my own staircase, but I bet those creepy cats would LOVE it. They could stick their noses up and say "We've got our own staircase!"


lol Well, I guess at least it's a conversation piece to talk about in the home! Looking at the steps, it looks like they might be a little easier for a dog to maneuver, which might be nice for senior dogs, but I don't think I'll be trying to have one installed in our house.


I can't speak for ChiCom dogs, but my dogs want to go where I go and they'd jump over to the staircase I was using. Then again, my dogs don't have to worry about being in the evening stew ;-)


Kind of silly, but neat visually at the same time.


Karen Friesecke

Jersey would NEVER use it & Dexter would break his neck jumping over the handrail. How 'bout a big fat no.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

I can't imagine how much training it would take to get Honey to use her own staircase. She's all about being as close to her people as possible.

However, if the extra staircase gave her better access to my popcorn bowl...

Pup Fan

I've never heard of anything like this!


I don't like this situation at any cost.

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