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Oh dear - I hope that little boy didn't get into too much trouble. Thank goodness they were able to retrieve the puppy.


Great role models. I'm sure this experience will teach them a good lesson


So, little peoples ARE good for things other than dropping food. Glad the pup found it's way to it's rightful peoples.


Ha-ha! Love this story! Thank goodness for little boys. Hopefully the parents learned a lesson!

Karen Friesecke

Kids (mostly) always tell the truth. *awesome*

Georgia Little Pea

Good one, kiddy X


I bet that kid got punished. People that would do that have no business being parents. :-)


wow...what an example to set for your kid...dang.


That couple is a piece of work. I hope their little boy doesn't get too warped by having such bad parents.


Great story. The most accurate news are taken from kids :)

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