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Congratulations. I love your serious posts and I love your funny posts. Hope you have 7 more years.


Happy Anniversary, Poodle (And Dog) Blog! We love you!

Georgia Little Pea

Jeez you're OLD lol! It never ceases to amaze me how and where you find your stories. Many of the humans here should be nominated for the Darwin. Congrats on keeping us informed and in stitches for 7 years! X

Southern quebec

Congratulations! You go girl...for another half century!



Thanks for the ongoing entertainment, and for reminding us of the neanderthals among us. I have to say the most enjoyable post I read was one that wasn't on your list, but one of the links off number 5. Meet Ciiji brightened my day.

Congratulations and thanks again!


Seven years is quite a run! And this is quite a collection. Dog poop stories never get old, do they?


Happy Anniversary, Jan. Oh, there might be a small envelope in your mail today ... hahaha

Joe Seiger

Read you every post. First time to comment but happy 49th in dog years.


Seven years! Congratulations Jan very nicely done. :-)

Unions ourn't my cup of tea either. :-)


Yay! Congratulations on the big landmark!

Is it wrong for me to wish for continuous stupidity for you to skewer? Yes? I thought so. :)

Hudson & Mary Jo

Congrats to you for 7 amazing years of entertaining and educating your readers. I hope your still writing for a long time to come .....

Sherry in MT

Here's to 50 more dog years of blogging! :)


happy anniversary..here's to many more.

Donna and the Dogs

Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for sharing all of those outrageous clips! You've got to wonder what goes on in people's minds sometimes!

Sheba's life story.

I've just come across from the Extreme pet bloggers blog hop to say hi.

Happy 7th Anniversary.

Karen Friesecke

Congrats on your blogiversary and excellent story round-up. My favorite is still the drunk guy barking at the police dog. Really bro....



Here's to another large pakhk of years -


dog diapers

Congratulation for 7th year anniversary........and waiting for your another blogging.

diapers for dogs

Wish you a happy anniversary. and hope for years after years.

Denise W.

great pOst..I read what you've posted well by the way my greeting are kinda late but Happy 7th Anniversary..were just here to listen...and wait for your new blogs..keep it up.:)

Campbelltown Vet


These are some of the many things I like to gingerly refer to as learning opportunities. And they are but a few of the highlights of the past 20+ years of being in the booklet business.
The day bed is 83" long and 41" wide, and is a sofa in the day and a bed at night.


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