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Donna and the Dogs

I see his photos everywhere. Talk about an overnight success! I think it's great he's using his skills to try and help shelter dogs. :-)


I love that his primary focus (pun intended) is to help shelter dogs. That tells me something important about his character.


I think this is wonderful! As a pet shelter volunteer I SALUTE him!!!



Bless him! :)

geogia little pea

Isn't it nice to know that fame doesn't change some people? :)

Funny that pictures of dogs behind wire doesn't have broad appeal. They're the ones that get me to the shelter.


as long as the dogs are helped....


Good for him and good for the dogs his photographs save. Win win situation.

Pup Fan

Seth is awesome! I took one of his workshops and interviewed him for my blog last year. He's a really great guy.

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