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The rescue where I work has three pits, and the rescues in a 100 mile radius have upwards to 30.

Pits have two strikes against them, which is sad. Albeit warranted in some/most cases. I wish there weren't so many pits out there and I wish people would stop breeding them and I wish people would stop getting them and then dumping them.

Sad, really



Brady could probably get away with breaking any laws he wanted to in Boston, but that isn't unusual for an athlete. Why are you picking on him?


The Doberman Pinscher Club of America apparently also wonders what makes this photo shoot say "alpha dog" about Tom Brady, if gossip on Doberman Talk is to be believed. The pictures have indeed sparked interesting debate whether they are a PR nightmare or an appropriate representation of the breed.

And I had no idea who Tom Brady was. He does, in fact, have pretty good hair.


dangerous dogs, my ass..dangerous owners ...


First I question the integrity of a magazine that implies being an 'alpha' requires you to be vicious. That photo is a horrible portrayal of dogs in general considering all the BSL that is going on in this country.

Second, why should Tom Brady's pit get a pass while another dog does not. If I was in Boston and I owned a pit you can bet your ass I'd be making some noise.

I'm actually quite disappointed with Mr. Brady and his implied encouragement of 'vicious.' I expect more from the super star athletes.


Am I the only one who wishes the photo was cropped so we saw only half of Brady's face but all of the dog's? :)


While my first thought was all "yay! pit bull adoption!" My second was more, "actually, this whole macho image thing is probably not good for pit bulls."

He definitely should have gone with a poodle. Pit bulls have enough problems as it is.

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