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Donna and the Dogs

I bet some of them only do it to have fun, even if others can get obsessive about it. The one in the photo sure looks he's having a blast!


My trainer always said it was something in the food. Neither of my dogs were ever really tail chasers so I never gave it much thought. :-)


The only time I saw my dog chase his tail was when I picked him up after his first trip to the groomer. He noticed a big white ball and went after it. It moved when he moved since it was the ball on the end of his tail. Pretty funny, but it hasn't happened since.


I always thought there was something wrong with the dog and didn't need no fecking test..sigh*.what happened to common sense..?


All this meaningless research by universities is one reason students have to pay so much to attend. Professors studying dogs chasing their tails is ridiculous, no matter how you try to defend it.


I guess it's a matter of degree. Rocking back and forth all day long is a sign of autism. Rocking back and forth when you have a stomach ache, is mild self-comforting.

Honey occasionally chases her tail. It usually follows zoomies and is a sign she needs to get some active exercise. It tells me it's time to get the ball out.


my poodle always chase their tails, I always thought there was something wrong with its tails .

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