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Um, creepy


I want one.


I'll take two. They seem like they'd be great as a pair.

geogia little pea

Oh, not cute or creepy to me. Just different.

southern quebec

I love the eyebrows. They are fabulous, just fabulous.


Well, it depends. Can it do tricks? Or at least race in the Iditarod?


Cute AND creepy? It looks like some kind of Lovecraftian teddy bear.

Donna and the Dogs

I would have though it was fake for sure. It is cute, it kind of looks like a Mogwai with wings. Better not feed it after midnight...


It's actually very beautiful!



Yesterday's photo was creepy this one is pretty cute.


well in the picture he's cute..but if it landed on me I'd scream 'creepy'


Creepy...I would RATHER have the dog! I'm not a huge bug fan.


san diego dog groomer

That looks so creepy! It looks like a cross between a rabbit and a fly, don't you think? I swear, it's giving me nightmares just looking at it! I wouldn't want that furry little thing anywhere near me!


For me that is creepy.

Barnaby Yount

I can't believe this is real. I find it cute. I'm sure my little boy would love this because he really loves animals.

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