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those kind of books depress me..


Lord, that would make me bawl my eyes out. LOL thanks for the heads up. ;-)


I think some people keep their dogs alive because they are selfish and don't think about the welfaare of the dog. Sounds like this is the case here. Not my kind of book either.


At the shelter where I walk dogs is a dog that is deaf. She is really a sweet dog, but sort of like all of her marbles aren't there. Her name is Helen...boy do I wish some like this lady would come along and adopt Helen...she really needs this type of home.




That's too bad. The author obviously loved her dog very much. It's too bad she couldn't express that in a more positive way and share all the good times she had with Charlie, along with the bad. Sadly, it sounds like this is the Charlie she will remember the most, no who he was in his younger days. Which is even more depressing.

Gina@loves dogs

The author definately wanted to tell the story of the impact that her dog had in her life. Even sad stories teach and mold us into great people. My dog teaches me every day about unconditional love.


I'm still not over Old Yeller.


I'm not either and I can't recommend a book that might bring tear stained pages.

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