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Friar Don

I would think their research was flawed then. Especially with such breeds as Pits and such.

Friar Don, OBR


I don't see the harm, especially if the dog is on death row. If she was falsely advertising this, then yes, I don't agree with it.


Sherry in MT

That shelter imho is violating the very bylaws from which it should be operating then. My guess is they simply see each dog as a commodity not as a loving living creature. You GO Miss Tanen - find a shelter that really does have the interest of the animals at heart! I do agree though, "adopt this animal or it is toast" is just not something that appeals to the adopting public. To prey on people's "bleeding heart" feelings simply leads to too much possibility of the animal ending up in a home that is not prepared for it or worse, not an appropriate home at all.


Clearly, deceptive advertising isn't fair to the adoptive family. Why is the dog on death row? Is it vicious beyond repair or could it be channeled to a shelter that specializes in rehabilitating that particular breed.

Ms. Tanen should use her significant talent at another shelter that will appreciate her skills.


I always thought it would be great to get better pictures for shelter animals. A lot of the times the lighting is so bad it's difficult to see the dogs. When I adopted Linus from the shelter his picture was a black blur. I think he would have been adopted much quicker if he had a better picture.

I'd be interested to see the research done that supports their policy.


Nonprofit organizations (I guess for profits too but I've never worked for one) can be pathological. It sounds like this is an example.

I would like to see independent research on what approach actually gets dogs adopted. I know that every time there's a hard luck story out there the dog gets rescued at the last minute. But where were all the potential adopters last week?

A neighbor who volunteers for our local SPCA told me she thought Cherie would get adopted quickly because of her crippled leg. Apparently that pulls on the heartstrings around here. I haven't been emphasizing it in promoting her. Am I wrong?

geogia little pea

Personally, sad pictures and stories goad me on to action though I understand happy pictures work for other people. In my time in advertising, I did a few wild life/dog rescue campaigns. I have to say, all of them were skewed towards horror and statistics rather than happy possibilities. Based on donations and reactions, they worked very well. Which is not to say positive campaigns don't!

I think shelters that fire people for taking the initiative to find homes for unwanted creatures ought to be checked out for stupidity. And what does it matter HOW those pictures turn out as long as they work? Sigh sigh sigh.


Research shows that better pictures help dogs get adopted. It doesn't sound like this shelter is in it for the dogs.


I prefer the pictures which include a human being - the dogs look friendlier and lovable.

The top two are just sad and cold.

ExposeYourBlog! Joining up bloggers for over two years.


anyone or anything that helps save dogs cats, etc from being kilt? works for me.

Katie / Team Unruly

I admit, I absolutely hate the emotional blackmail of "adopt this animal or it dies" posts that seem to just choke Facebook from time to time.

This shelter just shot itself in the foot. Yes, I get it, she broke the rules. Bad employee. But maybe she broke the rules because the rules are stupid and ineffective and counter to what your shelter is supposed to be about. Taking appealing pictures of dogs in an effort to get them out of the shelter and into homes? Oh yes, she seems like exactly the kind of person you *don't* want on your team.

What a bunch of stupid.

I hope that she is able to find a position with some other shelter that will help her to use her obvious talent and her good heart to continue helping dogs find homes.

Fleas on humans

I do understand her point that she was the dogs to be adopted rather than being killed. She took photographs to get the attention of many but I think it’s not the appropriate strategy to do! They can go door to door to ask if they want to adopt a puppy bringing along pictures not put in the death row but the cute pictures where the dogs are happily playin! The photographs would have result to animal cruelty and it will be lessen if we take care of our parts! As a pet owner we should know our responsibilities! Hope this won’t happen again…It saddens me!


your post is great.

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