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A very unusual way to raise money for charity but the unusual always attracts crowds and if not it causes people to talk about the event and in this case it worked! Good for them!

geogia little pea

From a pricey divorce to this, oh dear. Mankind has really gone to the dogs ;) Thank goodness it was all done tongue in cheek and for a good cause.

No puppies form the union BWAH haha!

Donna and the Dogs

Yeah, I'm not one for dog weddings or dressing up dogs either, but hey, if it raises money like THAT for a good cause - then I say great idea!!


Well, it's hard to argue with success.

I wonder where the bride was registered? Kong?

Account Deleted

Here in my country (the Philippines), some folks are delighted to see dogs wearing clothes/costumes while some conservatives are not into it. However, dogs weddings to raise money for charity?...majority would shun and raise their eyebrows with such thought. x0x0x Vanilla Bean

dog daipers

Really, I'm not one for dog weddings or dressed in up animals either, but hey, if it improves money like THAT for a awesome cause - then I say awesome idea!

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