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What a bizarre coincidence. I'm glad the dog and humans are happy!

geogia little pea

Of course Bigsby had something to do with it!


It's true what they say, truth is stranger than fiction. :-)

I'm glad she found her dog.


Don't know if it's fate or dumb luck. But it's certainly a lovely discovery for Ross.


That will be very good moments for both of them as it is after a long time and I really wish good life again very warmly.

Donna and the Dogs

Wow! What an amazing story. It is a mystery how things like this work out sometimes!


The Goddess works in mysterious ways.


That's amazing - I love hearing stories like this as it makes you really think about fate and why things play out the way the do.

pet care

Good to know that she finally got her dog. That happens to only few lucky people.

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