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It was a very sad story to read... on many levels.


Yikes. I hate reading stories like these, though I am very glad to hear the laws had changed. As far as I knew, if the woman refused to cooperate, there was nothing police could do. It's a relief to hear that is no longer true.

Not that it matters. Women who defend such behaviour are pretty likely to just find another pyscho to date if the previous one is in jail. I don't know how such a cycle can be broken, especially if it is as bad as this story sounds.

Tragic. Horrifying.


The laws may be different in varying states, but in California and apparently Georgia victims of obvious abuse are required to tell the truth in court. I think the O.J. Simpson case did a lot for the cause of domestic abuse.

Jeannette M

There are some women who are drawn to the lowest form of life. If they go to prison the women find another one or write to men in prisons. I think it is an incurable disease.

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

This is just so disturbing. What is wrong with this man is really the question.

Barb Bristol

I actually disagree that women who refuse to press charges should be put in jail. Court-ordered counseling, maybe even inpatient psychiatric rehab yes - but it just seems wrong to punish these women for being mentally ill. Which is what they are - they are so beaten down that they believe they "deserve" what they get, and even think they need it in some way. But they aren't the problem.


I suppose she would say that she loved him. She does need help to boost her self confidence and stop the cycle of self destruction.

A lot of women in this situation won't leave the family home because they are afraid for the family pets. Not many shelters for them will take animals too. I think that in the UK they have an organisation which will help look after the pets until a safe home is found for everyone.


A terribly painful story in all ways.


There are some females who are attracted to the smallest way of lifestyle. If they go to jail the females discover another one or create to men in jails. I think it is an terminal condition.


Sickening :(


Look at his face...cruel angry and sullen....look at her...I think she is crazy!



geogia little pea

The woman may be afraid of retribution or stupid or both. The man is something else altogether and should be locked up, preferably with the keys thrown away. Such psychopathic behaviour shouldn't be tolerated by anyone.


I have to agree with Barb that jail is probably not the best place for the victim. But I'm certainly glad Tadeo is in jail. Hopefully for a long time. He sounds like a psychopath.


We read this story before and found it horribly disturbing. The woman is either as bad as the guy or she's afraid. Many battered women are afraid to cooperate, the police can't protect them when the guy gets out of jail.

Karen Friesecke

Damn. Didn't hear about that one.


There are some women who are drawn to the tiniest way of way of life. If they go to prison the women find out another one or make to men in prisons. I think it is an terminal situation.


I knew this man. Worked with him for years. Believe it or not, he didn't have problems until after I started seeing him with the girlfriend. Seeing them in Atlanta in the party scene, I've got to assume drugs had something to do with this. Otherwise, he was always friendly and respectful.


Hard to tell though- it's easy for people to be nice to those they work with and mean in private. Lots do it.

Like how the receptionist gets the obscenities etc, and the doctor/vet/boss gets the nice treatment.

You don't get from 'nice guy' to 'beat a woman with her dead pet' by taking drugs. He obviously wasn't on any at the time, or it would have been mentioned.

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