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They are trained to have the assurance and intellect to take management of the scenario. Remarkable.


Dogs are amazing...poodles are even more amazing.


What a good dog Pooh is! Poodles, like Dobermans, are in the top 10 of Canine Intelligence (as tested by Dr. STanley Coren). I'm not surprised, but very pleased, that this dog and her owner had a good outcome.


What a good story. Poodles are indeed wonderful dogs -- the little ones as well as the big ones.


Poodles are super intelligent dogs and I believe they are capable of a great many things. It's a shame people just see their poofy show cut and forget what terrific working dogs they can be. There is a lot going on under all that fur. In fact, I am willing to bet they'd make just as good an agility dog as a Border Collie or Sheltie. The ones I've seen have blown the BCs out of the water! It's just too bad there aren't that many in the sport.

Donna and the Dogs

I love hearing stories like that. Dog's are just amazing, especially service dogs. I've always been enamored with them. Thanks for sharing a happy tale.

geogia little pea

What a dog! I've never understood how "poodle" came to signify silliness and stupidity. Probably, as Kristine mentioned, thanks to some of them looking like mobile topiaries.

This Sydney Life

I am a converted poodle lover. I now can't imagine having another breed of dog - Bella is intelligent, funny, affectionate and gentle. Go the amazing poodle!!!


I can see Dexter pushing my head into the oven


I have not ran into a breed that I feel is a stupid breed of dog. I have ran into dogs that I think were former blondes in their other life!


Karen Friesecke

WEll Thank God that Poodles are such excellent jumpers! Good Job, Pooh


Way to go Pooh! We have Poodles and Labradoodles in our guide dog group, but we really don't see them that often.


Wow, what a wonderful story.

I love the idea of intelligent disobedience. It's amazing to see what reasoning skills dogs have. We're just lucky they so often use their power for good. :)


I never realized poodles were trained as guide dogs! I am not surprised that the dog recognized the smell of gas, I've read amazing stories of guide dogs doing incredible things. No wonder they are woman's best friend. ;-)

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