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I think it's great that the floor is being opened up to 'mutts' and cross breeds - these dogs often come with some of the best quirks and characteristics.

Gina@doggie bling

Wow, I remember Benji from when I was just 12 years old and fell in love with that loveable mutt. We all went to the movie with my seven sisters. We will never forget Benji.


I wonder if Benji could be played by a 90 pound GoldenLab?


We are seeing lots of pit bull and pit bull mixes here in our shelters...all just past puppy stage...makes me sick and sad.


dog training Calgary

Queue of pet lovers is increasing and in this queue celebrity and stars are also taking interest because there are a lot of breeds of animal which are very cute and lovable and most of the star and celebrity do not have a large number of friends so pets are the best option for them.


Great reminder that one reason pure breds are used so much is because it's easy to sub in one Golden Retriever for another. But it's harder to find doubles for a mixed dog.

Of course, with face recognition software and huge databases like Petfinder, it's gotten much easier.

I think there's a money making opportunity here for a dog-loving tech geek. :)


How terrific that the casting of Aleister, a mixed breed, saw the rescue of three other dogs from a shelter. Now that is a pretty wicked deal. I hope the trend keeps up!

Karen Friesecke

I still shake my head in amazement that dog/trainer duo was considered the "best" talent in Britian. Sure they were good, but would people pay to see them do a show?


dogs smogs..they need to remake Rhubarb as it was the best cat movie ever ever...


It's a good trend. Certainly better than a multitude of people deciding on one breed and driving it into the ground.

My regret is that my animals aren't talented enough to rake in the big bucks.


Fantastic storage that one objective authentic breeds are used so much is because it's easy to sub in one Amazing Retriever for another. But it's more complex to find increases for a mixed dog.

Pup Fan

Oh, Benji... how I adored all of those movies when I was younger! Perhaps even then, I was drawn to the mixed breeds. :)

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