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What a lucky Bloodhound--a job doing what she's meant to do! And I bet that robber wasn't even wearing Milk Bone underwear!


Nice! And this reminded me of the Virginia Lanier novels and I have an Amazon gift certificate. So thanks!


Oh man, I remember trying to teach my dog to fetch (unsuccessfully); always love hearing about a dog that does what it's actually trained to do!


Melanie is a total rock star! Good girl!

pet food

This is the good thing that can gives if our dogs have a proper training. They can use this on a emergency situation. I know that the owner of this dog is really proud of her.


Go, Melanie! Buddy would love to join you in tracking criminals but he doesn't have a badge.


Dexter would only do that if he was holding tuna.


Very impressive!


This is numerous that can gives if our pets have a exercising. They can use this on a urgent scenario. I know that the proprietor of this dog is really extremely pleased of her.

Pup Fan

Go Melanie! :)

Carrie Guthrie

This is one of those heroism deeds of the dogs. Sometimes we do not believe on them. There are things that they can do beyond our expectations.

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