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Donna and the Dogs

Ha ha! Can't beat a dog as a present to help heal old wounds - no matter how big the cat is.


Is that called Pawplomicy?


Maybe then he won't squash Japan like a bug for trying to steal his land. I'm not sure the dog bribe will work but it cant hurt.


Huh. Putin is kind of a curse word in my house and his love of animals does nothing to melt my heart toward him. Hopefully he will take better care of this dog than he does of his country.

Gina@dog backpacks

Ah, if only dogs could talk. I think they would be much better at diplomacy than humans. Dogs know how to forgive and love everyone.


I love Akitas. Why wouldn't Putin want one?

I read a great book about how Akitas nearly disappeared during WWII. Starving people were eating them and there were fewer than 100 left in the world. What a loss that would have been.

And Japan would have had to give Putin a carp. :)


Hehehe. A carp probably would not solidify international relations between the countries like something warm and fuzzy would.


And Hitler liked dogs...

Murray's Mouth

Pawplomicy...love it!

san diego dog groomer

Diplomacy by dog - not that's an awesome idea! Seriously, Akitas are so fluffy they would bring world peace in no time. Are there still lots of Akita breeders in Japan?


Putin's Puppy..that dog is going to be so spoiled.
oh..I'm the T that commented on other post..I hit the wrong key and it posted it's ownself.


dammit it did it again.

homemade baby shower gifts

Cute...love it!

James Kaufman

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