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CRAP, is there still time to buy old Tom's bulbs? I didn't know any of this!


I admit I don't know much. But really it doesn't hurt to be informed. I am just stunned that I can't find the old-fasioned bulbs anywhere any more. I guess we're not going to be given a choice one way or another.


Interesting! I didn't know any such studies have been carried out. I'm glad!

I've found that CFL bulbs last about 2-3 years in our most-used rooms (and they are shaded by a frosted fixture). It is true that the electric portion of my power bill is comparably small; I don't have an only-incandescent period to directly compare, though.

LED lightbulbs are something I"m interested in, but at 2-3 times the cost of the CFLs, I haven't taken that plunge yet.


when the apts were renovated, they were made green..so all bulbs are cfl..the ones I bought when I lived in the house are made in America(I checked..they were actually cheaper than the ones made in china.) and the ones I bought are over 5 years old and all of them are still going..that said they are in lamps and the one by my bed is only used for maybe an hour at night for night time reading..the one in living room by recliner is only used after it starts getting dark as I have lots of sunlite..now? I didn't know anything about the being harmful to our skin thing..so now I'm wondering if I should switch them back..can still get them at $store and hardware store for 4 for $1...making me think Jan.

Karen Friesecke

Damn. I did not know that... BUT considering that I suffer from Lupus (light sensitivity is a part of the disease) and I have 2 CFL in my office, I haven't had any problems. I guess I would be the best canary in a coal mine for that one, right?


I am a cheapskate through & through & have only purchased the new bulbs two times & both times they burnt out quickly, but we bought our current house over 5 years ago & the 4 bulbs (in place when home purchased) in the bathroom (used daily) have not had to be replaced yet. I guess like everything else, it depends what kind you buy. I have not read any of the studies previously, but need to check them out.


There was just this big push by Congress to "save energy" no matter how much it cost people or whether it did any good or not. And no one considered if there might be harmful effects because obviously there were not any studies before the law went into effect.

I'm using Tom's bulbs period.


You're right to be concerned about broken bulbs. They contain mercury and need to be carefully cleaned up. You should be able to drop off used bulbs at local hardware stores (home depot) is one.

But I'm not too worried about UV radiation. Our bulbs are in lamps with shades. Since clothing has some UV protection to our skin, I suspect shades do the same for light bulbs.

Just to persnickety, :), since I know you like to drive, you're probably in much greater danger in your car than from your CFLs. :)


Don't like those bulbs and wish they didn't exist.

geogia little pea

This information is new to me! I never thought to check up on the safety of these bulbs. We've slowly been converting our old bulbs to energy savers. I don't like the light they give, usually dim and sometimes flickering, but I'm getting used to them. Bummer. As usual, nothing is black and white.

Alexander Brenner

I never like those CFL bulbs! They arent as bright and they are ugly, now they can cause skin cancer?? You are not paranoid, just careful, we should ALL be careful. Its not right that the Govt is Forcing these bulbs on us.


CFLs are a great choice for many lighting needs, but they do have some limitations. Most importantly, CFLs contain mercury, neurotoxin that can be deadly to humans. This means you must treat CFL lights very carefully; don't dispose of them in regular garbage unless there are no other options available.

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