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geogia little pea

Down his PANTS? I'm getting visions.

Assuming they got the pup back?


Horrible person.


Hope the puppy scratched him.


Ouch. We all know what puppy razor teeth feel like, right?

I hope Mr. One-Ball McGinty gets caught.

Karen Friesecke

How awful. I hope that guy got bitten on the frank & beans :(

Donna and the Dogs

What an idiot! I agree, it would have been funny if he got bit. Hope they got the pup back.

Jackiesue Roycroft Denney

hope the puppy bit his 'wienie' off.

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

What in the world? I hope the puppy showed him how sharp his little teeth could be:)

Gina@doggie bling

Wow I'v herd of stupid thieves, but this takes the cake. Poor puppy!


What a stupid person....I hope they catch the guy and SAVE the dog.


Emma Messner

Poor puppy.. hope people like him will get punished for what they've done.

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