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I think I read this somewhere in a scientific journal. But it didn't correlate the Neanderthals dying off. It just talked about how the canines helped people evolve and survive.


What it means is we owe them, big time. :-)


Interesting theory. Time will tell.

In my opinion, Neanderthals didn't completely die out. I think they interbred with Cro-Mags and some of their genes are still around.


I think you may be right. They walk among us.


It's neat to think about how dogs and people came together and started working together. You also have to wonder what training methods were used back then!


I'm betting food was involved.

geogia little pea

And after all that, we don't allow them into restaurants, national parks and onto public transport. There's gratitude for you ;)


Jan - You share some of the most interesting information! This is so interesting. I had not heard this before, but it actually makes a lot of sense. I have been fascinated by the mystery of why Neatherthals did not thrive (read a book about them).

Thanks for always educating us. Fasinating.


Just as I suspected. The Neanderthals were cat people.


we still have neanderthals ..they're called Republicans now.


Neanderthals now live and work at the White House when they leave Chicago their home base.


I would rather NOT be a Neanderthals...bring on the dogs!



So is anyone else wondering if the Neanderthals put all their time into trying to herd cats?

Tom Wilder

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