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Ironic, isn't it? Science is showing us more and more how dogs learn and think. The same science is showing us that humans are not in nearly as much control of their thoughts as they believe. :)

geogia little pea

Of course dogs think. I have one that dictates stories to me all the time and punishes me when I'm slack.

Also, my dog wants to know if the researchers have considered that ear muffs might not be good enough for dogs with their uber sensitive hearing. She can't believe that any dog will sit still in an MRI when her human typist can barely do that without restraints.

That's all my dog wants to say today. Have a great weekend! X

Jackie Denney

huh!..I know my dog's Bill and Nate were smarter than lot of people I knew.

Alexander Brenner

Pretty Clever dog...:-)


My dogs have often shown the ability to think and reason out a problem. Sometimes I think it is humans who have the mental difficulties. Exceptional Blog!

Rum Ronbinson

All animals can think, it's just they differ to us in the way they think and what they think about - problem solving is a key example!


I found myself wanting to help the dog and worrying about it getting stuck in the drawer! LOL

I've known all along that dogs think....and remember too.


I heard about this study, I think. Did Patricia McConnell mention it?

Either way, it blows my friggin' mind that people think dogs don't think. You can SEE dogs thinking! They communicate so eloquently!

Maybe it's those people who don't think.


Great article Jan! I know dogs can think, they are smarter than a lot of people!

dog food

They think totally way different than us and some instances they are like us. We just to understand them because we have superiority over them.


Fascinating article - thanks for sharing!

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