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WOW, Daisy will have to relinquish her Destructo-Pup throne to this pup!


makes me think of Nate and Mimi's liter of 10..I had put an old couch out for the garbage men to pick up..and it was up against the fence..the pups crawled on the couch then to the top of the back and then pulled them selves up to the top of the fence which had a bar across the top of the chain link and then one paw in front of the other tight walked the bar to the other end of the fence and then jumped off..to freedom...I watched the entire thing ..they were like the puppy great escape.


I would go bonkers in there, surely the owners should understand....oh, I guess not!

Hoo Ray for the dog! Maybe the new training will train the dog's parents first!!!!!



Is that really all it takes to win? One little destroyed crate? Feh. ;-)

Hopefully now that Lucy will be going to doggy daycare on the regular her days of destruction are over.

geogia little pea

That dog must have great teeth!

I think Georgia might have had a chance at winning the title in her first year with us. I get all nostalgic thinking of her path of destruction. Where did my baby go?


I thought I was going to get that title. I guess I'm not so bad after all.


I frequently wonder about peoples' dog breed choices. I mean, some of it is based on looks, I'm not going to fool myself about that, but pay attention to what the dog was bred for! Seriously!

Also, I"ve passed on the Sunshine Blog Award to you:


Tony Erkeley

I agree with you, you should really think about what type of dog you are going to get and if you can provide it with the attention/lifestyle/space that it needs.


OMD! Lucy makes Leroy look like a saint! I hope the free year of training helps out and they find something to deter her destructive behavior!


Wow that's some serious damage Lucy did to that crate. I hope Lucy's humans learn a thing or 2 from the years worth of training. I think a lot of people choose a dog breed based on looks rather than thinking about their personailites, energy level, etc.

dog food

I have a special love of ferrets - years ago when I volunteered at the zoo, the then very trendy pet was sometimes just dumped there.


Excellent... we've just discovered the next lead actress to Ethan Hunt's mission impossible.

We hope Lucy eventually learns to stop being so fixated on destroying stuff. Maybe she needs more toys.

Huggies and Cheese,


Married with Dawgs

We have a saying for when Hurley destroys something - "Hurley Smash!" (think Hulk). If the Hubster had the foresight to take a picture of his crate smashing, we might have won this contest! :)

Reba Messina (@GotMutt)

Congratulations! ? ! ? ! ??????


Amen Jan! Me too!


I managed to khonvince my mom I didn't need no stinkin' khrate shortly after I arrived ;-)

Go Lucy Go!



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