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Poor little guy! I'm glad that this had a happy ending, though.


I needed cheering up and this did the job. Thanks!

Donna and the Dogs

They always say terriers are determined!! So glad it had a happy ending. :-)

geogia little pea

Adrenalin makes you do strange things! 30 feet is mighty high up. I would have frozen too.


That is one cool dog.


Unreal! Glad that he made it down safely :)


OMD I've never heard of such a thing!

I wonder what would happen out here? I've heard the fire department won't even rescue a cat from the tree anymore because of the liability issue. Sad, sad, sad.


Poor Guinness. It was a spur of the moment thing... haven't we all done something like that when we were young and impetuous?


Now THAT's a story I have to share with my friends who have Wheatens. Just crazy!


I noticed that Dexter doesn't run up trees any more..but then his ass is to fat for him to scurry up there like he used to.

health for cats

Poor dog. He must have climbed up and might be afraid of height...


He must have been so excited he didn't realize he was in the tree!


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