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Khall of The Wild??

What woo be talkin' 'bout Willis???



Oh, that's sad and bizarre. I'm glad that Shottie is okay this time. I hope he's able to come up with a way to keep him confined to his property, though, or he might not be so lucky again :(

Dog catcher indeed.


IMO The south in general (mostly) have a different perspective on dogs.

They are animals and easily disposable. They also (again IMO) don't put the care into their animals that other areas of the country do. I bet if we did a study about heartworm you would see a large 'epidemic' of it in the southern states.

It is very sad, that many areas of the south are still so far behind the times.

geogia little pea

What a ridiculous situation! The pound policies should be reviewed and while they're at it, how about giving the people working there a common sense test? Thank goodness there was a happy outcome, though it seems that was more due to public outcry than the pound realising it was being stupid.


we have 'dog catchers' and a small city pound..think it's a southern thing.


Its great to know that the dog had a happy ending and I have a lot of respect for those who also offered help and support.


Yes, we have pounds here & dog catchers; welcome to the South....Glad that Shottie was helped by caring people.

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