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I wish every dog left alone in a car could learn that trick. It would do more to stop baked animals than anything else that's been tried. :)

BTW, thanks for the volume warning. I'm reading this during my lunch break!

geogia little pea

That is what I would call a very good trick to learn.


NOW THAT IS ONE SMART DOG!!! I think leaving dogs in a hot baking car is one (ONE) of the stupidest things people can do...or a little child, or even an old person!

I'm going to remember this in my dotage .... yes sir I am!



Smart pup. I hope the owners get ticketed.

BTW that car is exactly like my car, but I knew it couldn't be mine because I never take my dogs anywhere if I can't take them with me. They're better off staying at home
in the air conditioning.

My sister's brindle Pit, Pumpkin, is going to be spending a week with us. It should be an adventure for all of us.

Jackie Denney

smart dog..forgot to turn it low and Dexter jumped 3 feet in the air..hahahahah


There is a misconception that dogs should not be left in cars on hot days without the windows open. I know a woman who left two small dogs in her car on a cloudy, cool day and when she got back, they were dead! NEVER leave your dogs in a car without the windows open.

Pup Fan

If all dogs did this, I bet it would happen a lot less!

I have to admit, the warm weather gives me a sense of anxiety. I'm always on the lookout in parking lots for this happening.

San Antonio dog trainer

Really smart dog! People really shouldn't leave their dogs in cars!!

Emma Tameside

I really have never understood people who leave their dog in the car for any extended period of time, it simply seems ludicrous to me. I think a lot of people should read a responsibility list before actually owning a dog. I spend a large amount of time in the local animal shelter, and make a regular charity donation to my local animal welfare group.

With this being said, the amount of times I see a working couple bring a dog back because they've realized that they've only been neglecting the poor thing for a number of months is startling. Some people really don't care about the animals well-being, and it's sad to see.

Subaru Impreza Wrx Sti

leaving a window open or a sunshield on your windscreen won’t keep your car cool enough. Dogs die in hot cars.

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