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What a creative way to address a serious issue. I especially like the consistency that comes with having one "judge" in these cases.

Great story.


This is it - the solution to the "vicious dog" issue communities are grappling with! Love it, a program well-thought out, fair, and comprehensive in scope. Thanks for writing about this!


Great story and a great idea!

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I agree Pamela! Beautiful story!


Hmm... I've been thinking about this for a bit and still can't figure out how I feel about it. I think I like it, though.


It sounds rather like San Francisco is doing it right. Other towns (and states and countries) should take a page from their book!

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It is so cool to here that dogs have their day in court. It's just they act like human.


Good solution to bad problem.


I wish more communities would show this intelligence in dealing with dogs. S.F. may be stupid in some things but not in this one,


Now this is animal control doing its job. Clearly San Francisco understands the actual issues and handles each situation with calm intelligence. Hopefully others will learn from their example.

Jackie Denney

even the homeless people that have dogs are taken care of...it's pretty cool..

on my blog, if you find a cartoon print to small to read, all you have to do is left click on it..it will enlarge..


I think all animals are good natured some of them just need some training. they only attack if they feel in danger or they are teritorial ,which obedience training does wonders for.


Now that's how it SHOULD be done!

What a sad story that Presa Canarios was. I remember hearing about it and how awful the killing was and how horribly mistreated those dogs were. As far as I'm concerned the owners of those two dogs should have been put down. :-(


If only every city could have someone like this......Kudos to San Francisco & Mr. Denny!

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Not a bad idea at all! Kudos to San Fran!

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