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geogia little pea

What a dreadful thing to do. What is wrong with people. At least there's a happy ending for the dogs. And hopefully, the authorities will keep an eye on the fella and his other dogs from now on.


It's sad that no one told him to spay and neuter his dogs before this, not that he would of listened!


What a world. Sadly, I'm not surprised.

I am glad those pups have a shot a good life.


He seriously could have just brought the dogs to the Humane Society, it really does make me wonder WTF is wrong with people.

Jackie Denney

they should have a list of people that can't or shouldn't be able to own pets and run them thru files like sex offenders...


He should NOT be allowed to have other pets!!!




It is sad when one reads about owners abandoning dogs or even pets. Why have them in the first place if they cannot take care of them.

Dogs and other pets need love too. People should firstly be aware that as cuts as a dog may seem there are other costs and responsibilities that come along with it and they do owe it a responsibility to meet these obligations of owning a dog.


I guess I'm just glad he left the suitcase in an alley instead of tossing it in a river.


Nice stuff! Keep up the work on posts like this....enjoyed it.


At least there's a satisfied finishing for the pets. And hopefully, the government bodies will keep an eye on the guy and his other pets from now on.

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