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Hah, contacts!

I think the spectrum dogs can see on is interesting. You're right, toy makers should be coloring them for the dogs, not us! I noticed recently that A LOT of Elka's toys are green; I guess I should look for yellow or blue next time!


Well I can see now that I will only be buying yellow and blue toys. Why don't the manufacturers know this?


Very cool information! Thanks for that.


i look like that last picture of the sheep dog.


Someone should invent a pair of goggles that gives us "dog vision." That could be fun.


Interesting stuff. I love how we are just starting to learn about the ways a dog views the world. So many accepted theories about dogs and their behaviour from my childhood have now been proven wrong. It makes for some great reading.

I don't know why I assumed my dog could see farther than I could. It actually explains a lot.


I go out of my way to buy blue objects for Honey once I learned that's what she's better able to see.

I see that Honey uses her nose where I use my eyes. If I drop a treat on the ground, I see where it lands. But she picks up the scent of the track it followed as it rolled over the floor. She doesn't need to have the same kind of eyesight I do because her nose does her just as well.


very interesting, great post

geogia little pea

What a grat read! Surely toy companies have access to research like this? Just today, hubby and I were wondering if Georgia (part sight hound) has bad eyesight. She startles easily and barks at things she's either not sure of or can't see too well. Sometimes, she even barks at me (though one might construe that to be something else altogether ;)

I didn't quite understand that 20-75 vision thing though.

BOL over your olde Engish. I can imagine how bored you must have been of that question. Mind you, I'd ask the same. How DO they see?

Roger Alan Bernard

I learned a lot. Thank you. Please keep posting.



Fascinating article!

However, we must remember that a dog's sense of smell is around 40 times greater than our own, and that they trust their nose over all their other senses (ie, if a human is holding something which looks like a ball but smells like a banana, we assume it's a ball because we go on sight first; a dog would assume it was a banana based on the input from its nose).


I enjoyed this post also. Very informative.


We were just talking about this at work last week!
Great post!


This was VERY interesting. THANKS SO MUCH!!!


2 Punk Dogs

Great article, it's well written and the chart comparison is really helpful!


Hi Jan

Thanks for this awesome information.
I know alot about dogs but i learn every day even i'm 50...



"cannot tell the difference between, say mauve and dusty rose. But then most straight men can’t either." WTF?

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