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He looks very well cared for, not like a homeless stray. Any dog story out of china that doesn't involve poison jerkey or cuisine is welcome.

Jackie Denney

to me it shows the dog is smarter than Forest Gump(which is my all time most stupid movie ever made)

geogia little pea

But boy, can those little legs pump!


Very cute little dog but certainly not the canine equivalent of Forrest as you said!

We love that film so much here in this house - when we went to Savannah two years ago and 'Forrest' came onto the bus - it was one of the most magical moments ever for Murray! A moment he still talks about. He could really connect with the film and meeting 'Forrest' was the highlight of his holiday!


Cute little dog, I hope he found a good home after that!


I guess this pup wanted to see the world and was just waiting for some company that would share their food before he took off.

Cute story.


How cute he is. Happy Memorial Day.


He is adorable, nonetheless and runs pretty fast for a small dog. With those short little legs, I am impressed he kept up as long as he did!


I hope someone took him home to love!


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