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The Uncommon Dog

The biggest congrats ever goes out to one of the kindest, as well as talented, bloggers I have had the pleasure to work with. Very well deserved recognition to a wonderful blog. Here's to much more success!


Congratulations! Well-deserved. Who is this "Pet health care gazette" anyway?


Even number two is a pretty darned big deal. Congrats!


LOL these are great!


people .....sigh*


I wondered what happened with the Knuckles thing.

I was #1 on Technorati for like, 3 days. The fourth, I was 110 or something. I stopped looking at it.

Lorie Huston, DVM

Pet Health Care Gazette is mine and I'm as much mystified by my placing on Technorati as you are, though very pleased. On Technorati, you're here one day and gone the next. But one nice thing came of it. And that is that I found this blog. Well done! And congrats to both of us :)


Yea for Apple Pie and Betty Boop. You not #1; unbelieveable.

geogia little pea

Oh Jan! That's so funny. Congratulations on being .... #2?

I dont look at these things because I don't want to have self esteem issues but the last time I saw an alexa rating (by mistake because I was googling my own blog to sign in and saw a link), I think it said ranked 2,000,000 and something. HAHAHA! Maybe I should fight for custody of Georgia to be my heat sac and build on that 15 minutes of fame ;)


Nice that you're #1, errrrr #2, or whatever. Technorati doesn't even know that I exist. Good tho, so no need to worry day to day what my rating is. But you deserve it, Jan.

gorras adidas

C'est tellement drôle.


Congratulations to you Jan! That is awesome!

I have tried to get listed on Technorati and I keep getting an error.

Good for you, it is well deserved:)

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