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Georgia Little Pea

Oh jeez, he has to be a bit careful about banging into things, what?

Jackie Denney

reminds me of that great character actor(who's name is right on the tip of my tongue) ..played on Frankenstein's younger brother..


Goodness - those are some eyes!

Love that rumour!!


That picture freaks me out, I couldn't look at it and had to scroll fast. It was like a train wreck......I didn't want to look but couldn't tear myself away. LOL

Not a big fan of that type of dog myself mostly because of those bug eyes....like I said, freaks me out. :-)


I agree with Jodi - those eyes are creepy, poor pup.


Those are some big eyes! Wow!

Victoria Reed

thanks for the positive feed back every one :D you can follow bruschi on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bruschioo

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