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the fritos commercial totally cracks me up every time I see it. Some people need to have their sense of humor adjusted.


Was it the Doritos commercial that had the shock collar? What a hoot! But I love them all. I also love the Budweiser clydesdale horses. More great commercials.

The Teacher's Pets

Dogs make commercials more enjoyable for sure! I think advertisers are very smart to use dogs in commercials because viewers pay more attention to them than to the price of the items!

Khyra and Sometimes Her Mom

Ummm -




Although, he didn't need to turn up the temperature!



It is more fun to watch doggie TV commercial than the traditional advertisement.
This one is my current favorite:

Film tshirts

very interesting post related to dogs. Thanks for sharing....


Very interesting post.

We must see if we can find those commercials on the internet!

We love the dog commercials that they show here in Ireland - Murray always gets very excited showing them to Clive and waiting for a reaction from him!


How about all of them? If there is a dog in a commercial I am pretty sure to love it. Same goes for cats.

However, there was one ad with a dog that kind of bugged me with it's reference to neutering as something immasculating for dogs. We hardly need more people choosing not to neuter simply because they think their male dog would be upset. I can't remember the name of the company now. Maybe that's a good thing.


It's a dogs life.


I love all the Budweiser commercials, they are just so neat!

Pup Fan

I adore that Travelers Insurance dog... Chopper is so cute!

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