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Jodi Stone

That is disgusting and vile. I hope she burns in hell.


I had wondered about Patrick and if that terrible womon ever got punished. One year in prison is a ridiculous sentence IF she even gets that.


I can hardly believe how victimized this poor dog has been. He's in good hands now and that's where he should remain. The AHS has no right to remove Patrick from the good care and love he's now receiving - his welfare must come first. This poor dog has been through enough. As for his prior owner who starved him and then threw him down a garbage chute - she deserves the same treatment, but as civilized humans we can't expect that kind of justice for Patrick. Kisha Curtis is a monster and a simple fine won't satisfy MY sense of justice. Finally, I think it's an absolute miracle that Patrick survived at all. His condition to my observation was as near to death as any living thing could possibly be. Why would this disgusting person do this to an innocent dog? I'm APPALLED!!!


I feel compelled to add this comment to Kisha Curtis. God is watchin you and He knows what you did. If I were you, I'd prepare for a very long stay in hell. You deserve it. Shame on you.


It's hard to believe that these 2 pictures are of the same do. Patrick is a stunningly beautiful dog any decent person would love to share their life with. I pray with all my heart Patrick forgets Kisha Curtis and his ordeal and lives a wonderful,healthy happy life. I am so outraged about this I can't quite digest it.


Thank you, brilliantly stated.

Hopefully this case will bring to light the injustices of the laws concerning the treatment of pets.


I didn't know this was still dragging on. At least Patrick is happy right now; it's up to good humans to get it right.


I HOPE SHE GETS THE YEAR IN JAIL!!! Maybe they will forget to feed her also!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR



I wish they could do to her what she did to the dog..hope he gets to stay where he's at.


It's so sad to see humans exploiting a dog like this. I hope Patrick stays where he is.


I hope Ms. Evil Kisha has to look over her shoulder for the rest of her miserable life- she does not deserve to take another breath-
And NJ lock her up in the most vile cell block you can find-
To the citizens of NJ - where is your outrage??? Get your lousy laws changed.
The dumbing down of America in its full glory-

Jimmy Fussell

I'd fire up the ovens of Auswitch for that bitch.

Tru Blu

Not all Devils are in Hell........what she did is unforgiveable. She needs to be thrown in a "Lion's Den" or "Viper's Pit"; however, she will end up in one anyways. How will she explain what she did when she has to face God? Very very evil with her fake eyelashes, hair and low-class t'shirt. Very ignorant....I.Q. not even 20.

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