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Oh yeah, minus fifty Celsius is downright tropical... Crazy penguins. ;-)

Thanks for sharing the good news. I am so glad things aren't as dire as expected!


I will NOT by anything from Nestle Purina again! Thank you for posting this!!!



Well I would think even with global warming animals would adapt as we will.


Great news! I have always loved penguins & could watch them for hours. I never realized how difficult their lives are until we watched March of the Penguins.


My understanding is that the impacts have so far been different for different species of penguins, with some suffering declines http://www.antarctica.ac.uk/press/journalists/resources/science/sciencebriefingpenguins.php

Climate change is so complex--thanks to devoting time to the topic on your blog!


I'm glad the animals aren't paying attention to the money-grubbing "scientists" who will publish anything for a research grant.


I don't trust their results.

Pup Fan

Oh, I love penguins! Very interesting study.

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