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I'm sure there are people who hate to see taxes spent this way, but I feel very sorry for them.


I'd much rather my taxes spent this way then paying for some a-hole to spend their worthless life in prison.


worth every penny.

Peggy Frezon @Peggy's Pet Place

So glad they were able to make the rescue.

cheri hoffer

We can choose to step back and collect the successes that our emergency personnel have, at saving humans in complex situations. The learning and improvement in skills from EVERY complex rescue they coordinate, successfully or unsuccessfully is put to bear on the next, and so on. Some departments spend big bucks simulating such rescues so they're prepared when they are called for real-life crises. No such rescues are a waste of money. It may be your dog, or your brother, your favorite teacher or your mother they save next. Or it may be you.

dog foood

Rescue of Taz is the living proof that is still the man's bestfriend.

susan pagan

that old man was stupid to let his dog off the leash.

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