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I think this is a great idea for the human and the dog. More people should have this kind of bond with their dog. I like it that Axel can stay in the truck if he wants to.


It would scare me, never mind having my dog right there!!


If I were a thatcher, I'd leave my dog on the ground. I could see taking my dog to a safe jobsite such as an office, but not up
a roof.


WHat? OMG, that is just crazy!


hell I'm more impressed with the fact they still have thatched roofs....wtf?

Jimmy Fussell

Lordy, I'm so used to Facebook, I'm looking for the "Like" button!!!!LOL

Joanne Barragan

Whoa! This is something you don't see every day. The relationship these two have is just so admirable. The thatcher is a lucky man to have Axel as his loyal companion, more than just a pet. I must say, they did a great job with the thatched roof in the video. It's excellent, down to every detail.

Alison Mckenzie

I, actually, have seen this in the local news, and you are right. It’s great to be able to take your dog to work. Though thatching roof isn’t the easiest and safest of jobs. It is still nice that Axel just sits in the roof all day.

Mariam Freame

Wow! Impressed with Axel and his owner’s bond! It is true that dogs are man’s best friend. Thatching the roof is hard, but I think having your pets with you on work can make it easier. In addition, thatching the roof is like a bonding activity for them. :)

Allyson Sunde

Axel the dog and his owner fixing thatch roofs together is a very unusual sight, but very sweet. It’s nice to have someone with you up there on the roof while you’re working. Although, I do fear for their safety, especially up on a thatch roof when it’s hard to keep your balance. Anyway, they both look like pros. I’m sure they can avoid getting hurt. =)

Karen Carter

We all know that thatching roof is not an easy task and having a dog with you at the top of the house is really amazing. This one reminds me of my dog. It was four years ago when he died because of food poisoning. I was really pissed when I found out that he's not in his good health because my neighbor mistakenly placed a poison on our playground and it was accidentally eaten by my dog.

Nuri Rossignol

Hmm, although it didn’t seem at all like a good idea, it's incredible that Axel was able to defy heights right there. No wonder news of that reached the airwaves. And LOL @ jackie about the thatched roof! Thatched roofs are somewhat pretty rare nowadays..

Kip Whitehead

It’s kind of risky to bring your pet dog up on a thatched roof, since this is vulnerable to depletion, which might affect the quality of the roof. However, it’s obvious that these guys are doing their very best to maintain the roofing’s quality. Besides, it’s a good form of exercise for their dog. Keep safe, everyone! =)

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