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I wish the media would print more dog stories about tainted dog products and fewer silly stories about dogs riding in crates on cars and being dinner for the president. People might be more aware of these kinds of companies.

Beth and Alfie

I was sure shocked when I first heard of the dogs sickened by Waggin' Train...I ransacked my cupboards and made sure to throw mine away. Scary...


I don't understand why Nestle is sticking to it like this. Perhaps I live in a padded animal-aware bubble but it seems to me like every dog owner by now has heard about the problems with these treats. It's just good business sense and customer service to issue a recall and apology. Being stubborn over this is only - I would think - going to loose them customers. I for one am going to be very cautious of any Nestle Purina product and will probably steer entirely clear. If they'd just acted responsible from the start it wouldn't have come to this. Good on Mr. Adkins for sticking to his guns. Here's hoping he gets some sort of settlement.


It probably could have been avoided had they just pulled the product. Stupid if you ask me.


Sheesh! Can't the ChiComs keep harmful substances out of their products? You can't take over the world with this kind of shoddy merchandising.


i read the back front side of everything I buy..for me or for Dexter..if it's made in china or vietnam?..I don't buy it.

Alexander Brenner

I am also glad that Mr Adkins. is going after them...It Was Their treats that killed his dog. Since 2007, My Wife and I have ONLY bought American Made Pet Products. Nothing from China...Why take the chance of getting sick or worse.
This is another reason why we started To Shea. We make our own treats for our dog and if other dogs would some, they can get our treats from our website. China sells crap poison food Stay away from from that. Always buy Made in USA.


GOOD! Finally! I hope cases open up against the other companies, too.


I am not surprised by the alleged bribery attempt, just that Nestle Purina continues to sell this crap and think they aren't hurting their brand. I mean honestly, what the hell is the upside to killing people's beloved pets?

I wish Adkins would also sue Walgreens. I've actually waned them about the treats and yet they are still on the shelves. I guess if you ignore the consumer-buying public you must think your brand is invincible.


I told Wal-Mart and Publix in Duluth, GA not to sell these treats because of what the internet is saying about 600-1,000 dogs dying. The women I talked to looked at me like I was crazy. I said, "Just read what the internet says." The woman at Publix said, "I have been feeding my dog these treat for 2 years." The lady in customer service at Wal-Mart said, "We can't take them off the shelves because we would get in trouble with the supplier." They are going to be sued by people in a class action suit too if they keep selling the gross crap! I consider them to be animal killers! Just watch the news and read the Internet. Why should I be the one telling them anyway.


Today I read the story on MSNBC about the Waggin Train treats causing illness/death in dogs,and it felt like my dog had died all over again, but worse, because now I know I am the one who killed him by giving him a tainted treat. I gave it to him because it was Christmas and I wanted to give him somthing special. He was throwing up by that night. Three weeks and thousands of dollars later, on January 15, 2012, I had to have my best buddy euthanized. I am heartsick.


I was feeding this same treat to my Yorkie earlier this year and he got deathly ill. After the second visit to the ER and another thousand dollars, I realized it had to be these treats. Now I only give him treats that state "MADE IN USA" or Canada. Dog owners beware!

Teresa Yarbrough

One of my dogs became ill from eating Wagon Train Chicken Jerky Treats. She's still on antibiotics and 3 other medicines. I thought the treats were healthy for her. Vet says she may not make it...won't eat, blood in stool and vomiting. She's lost 1/4 of her body weight. Am feeding her Beechnut Chicken with chicken broth but she won't eat much at a time. Now giving pedialite. NEVER buy anything from China!!!!

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