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I guess that places that don't have harsh winters to kill things off, the flora takes on the job itself.

I'm glad your near-death experience with the palm turned out well.


I saw several in a national chain drugstore last week in NC. They were quite small. I thought they were attractive and was considering buying one when I figured out what it was by reading the tag. It said clearly "Sago Palm". I didn't see anything else on the tag about it being poisonous, but I remembered your previous post - I actually jumped back from the thing! Now I wish I had spoken with the manager because a child could have grabbed one since they were on a low display. I'll go back tomorrow. I hope they haven't sold many.


I did not know that about Sago Palms. Good thing I don't have one.


or you could invite all the people you dislike and have them try the new fruit off the palm.


We have many palm trees on our property, but they are true palms and not cycads. Thanks to you I would never allow a Sago palm to flourish in my yard.


Thank you for this post! I would be very upset if anything happened to my puppy, roxy.
she even has her own blog: destructivepuppy.blogspot.com.au


'm so glad you survived your near death experience!!!


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