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sniffing scientific gold is better sounding than whale pooper snooper.


Scat sniffing dog... I like it! There is no limit to what we can teach dogs to do, is there? It really is all about finding a dog's currency. Or, in this case, finding the right tennis ball. :-)


Wouldn't whale poop smell so strong that evven humans could smell it?

geogia little pea

Sounds like it might make a good episode of Dirty Jobs! So whale poop are floaters? Yegods. Imagine the size of them. Maybe it's a good idea not to go swimming with whales.

Karen Friesecke

Dirty jobs, indeed. I wouldn't want to be the person that had to collect the scat.


I'm at a loss for words.


I never know what I'm going to learn when I stop by the Poodle and Dog blog. Just now, I learned that whale poop floats.

Which makes me feel just a little more cautious about trailing my hands in the water when kayaking.


Clearly, Tucker should have been named Ahab instead ;)


Delilah would like to apply for the position. She would want to eat it though.

Pup Fan

This is really interesting! I think Tucker has a pretty fascinating job, actually. Most of the other dogs would be jealous.


Hum....I think dogs LOVE to find stuff like that! At least mine do!


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