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made me weep..and want to kick the crap out of who ever dumped her off like that.


I saw it yesterday and bawled my eyes out. :-) What a great rescue. :-)

Sherry in MT

Bless all those that go the extra mile for rescue! Hug your dogs then hug and help all those that help those less fortunate. Fiona - your story made me cry, first in sadness then in joy.


It was hard to watch with tears in my eyes.

She seemed so friendly too! You wouldn't really expect her to be so trusting.


That is so sweet. I do love a happy ending


I'm crying as I write this. WHO dumps off an animal that is so defenseless. CRAP WHO DUMPS OFF ANIMALS ANYWAY!!!!!

She really enjoyed her bath, you could tell. And she is EXCITED TO HAVE A FAMILY again.




Beautiful rescue of a beautiful dog.


What a touching story. Thank goodness there are kind souls in the world who undo some of the damage done by the horrid ones.

Fiona turned out to be quite a beautiful dog and quite perky too. Wouldn't have known that from first looking at her.


Wonderful video! Animals are so resilient. Huge THANK YOU to the rescuers :)


Made me cry a lot ;( Bless them.

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