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Now, that is really a cool story.

geogia little pea

Nooooo.... ;0 it's not yet April 1 where you are, is it?

BTW, 5x7 =


The story really does sound like something from the Onion. If I hadn't found several versions of the story in different sources I would not have posted it. It gets harder all the time to write spoofs.

5x7 is...Thank goodness for calculators


dogs smarter than most people I know


Poor pup! I do hope he'll be all right. I do find this story to be entirely believable ^^


I love the owner's response. "He's kind of dumb and likes to chew socks." If it had been the USA, she probably would have claimed some sort of divine intervention or said that her dog was uncommonly brilliant and dialed 999 intentionally.


Looks like luck was on George's side :)


that is one lucky dog. I hope he wasn't struggling for to long, that must have sucked big time

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