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Khyra and Sometimes Her Mom


And looking at my mom's face ;-)

One of THOSE Northern Breeds


I have a husky. I can categorically say that she is the most difficult (though not the largest) of my four dogs to get to do anything. If she doesn't wanna, she ain't gonna. And if you have a problem with that, tough!

geogia little pea

Your OES reminds me of Rufus. When HE didn't want to move, WE didn't either. Always made passersby laugh...the sight of a giant dog lying on his side in the middle of a public square, refusing to walk on because he wanted to people watch or keep an eye on his favourite treat-dispensing chemist across the road :)


That's all a lot funnier when it happens to someone else.

Sherry in MT

I have gotten "the paw" enough times to know you can't force them to do anything - at least not mine! LOL


I think there are certain breeds who love to do certain tasks and you can't change their behavior too much. For example, Elke our 104+ pound German shepherd loves to fetch. She is at her happiest when she is fetching anything we throw.

Her sister Maxine, a 58+ Doberman, loves to run and run. She runs like a gazelle, but doesn't fetch very well. She will run at a stick, but often won't bring it back to us.

So we fetch one and we run the other one. Everyone is happy.


You could say the same thing about any dog sport or event. Sure, some trainers suck. I have no doubt there are some pretty forceful training methods going on by some of the racers. But I also have no doubt most of the trainers love their dogs like family members and the experience is a very positive one for most of these dogs. You can't force a sled dog to run any more than I can force my dog to weave around 12 poles. And trust me, I've considered trying!

It's not fair to end all dog sled racing because of a few incidents. I am sure the sport is changing all the time, with new techniques being discovered and passed on. These dogs were bred to do this. It's why they exist. To take it away would be kind of cruel in itself, and definitely a shame.


As a side note, Elka loves broccoli.

It's hard for me to out of hand call something like mushing "cruelty". Dogs like that, I'm given to understand, are born to pull and run. That's what mushing is, yes? There are the accompanying health and fitness concerns, and that's where the responsible adult comes in.


true.except pitty bull dogs who are trained to fight..


I had a border collie who loved obedience training and was brilliant at it (as most border collies are), but she hated fetching. At the obedience trial standard said the dumbell much be retrieved "cheerfully", with the dog sitting at the trainer's feet and offering the dumbell. My dog won the blue ribbon, but only because she was so good at almost everything else. She brought the dumbell back to me, sat, and offered it, but no one was fooled about the "cheerfully" part. She would do anything required, but on her terms. If she had fancied the Iditarod, I am quite sure she would have done it. If not, she probably also would also have done it, very, very, very qslowly.


I don't think you can force a dog to do anything and even if you can it is the wrong thing to do. Your dog blog is very interesting I have one of my own at www.pitbullmixed.com


Great post...I had to chuckle. I even like the look of disgust on both of the dogs faces. :)


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