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Julie Mason

It's me too. I can't imagine even taking a 2 week old litter for a car ride unless it was necessary. How upsetting this would be for the mama dog. It looks like someone is more interested in their own 15 minutes of fame than the welfare of the dogs.


It would seem the focus should be on the health of the dogs and finding them forever homes.


I agree with you. I've read that plane travel is extremely stressful on animals and should be avoided if at all possible. Shame on those who are exploiting this sweet pair.

Sherry in MT

It is not just you!!!! That was my very first reaction to the first paragraph. What has the media done to people - geez!


I cant imagine a puppy that small at all. I have limited puppy experience, but would not think it wise to move the mama & her pups at such a critical time.

Karen Friesecke

Everybody loves a hard luck story. I suppose the rescue foundation thinks it will bring in some $$$. I think it's a one way ticket for the puppy to pick up a disease :(

geogia little pea

I find it interesting that they even resuscitated the pup considering they were all going to be given the one way ticket. I hope the rescue gets some donations out of the circus. Wonder why the production couldn't go to the shelter.


if it gets people in to rescue some doggies I guess it's worth it.


Thank you. You are so right.

And yet, it's going to bring in many, many donations and hopefully convince a few people to adopt. However, they'll all probably want pups from this litter and disregard the millions of dogs waiting for homes. ...sigh...


Wow!! I can’t believe it took me so long to find you!


Really, do they have to move the mom and pups? Can't a crew come out there and take some video. Those puppies are too fragile for such a trip.


I'm thinking the shelter probably thinks to gain some exposure for their cause, the risk is worth the life of one little puppy.


Friar Don

EXTREMELY in-appropriate to do what they did! So much for being a rescue group with no clue!

Friar Don, OBR

Account Deleted

Very interesting post..Thanks for sharing :)


True but if it gets people to give shelter animals a second look, it might be worth it. I am sure they were safer than when on the streets.


I have study that aircraft journey is incredibly traumatic on creatures and should be prevented if at all possible. Pity on those who are taking advantage of this lovely couple.

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