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I had no idea it would cost so much. Makes sense though. These peope, they are everywhere, aren't they.


Great post! And I so agree with your final conclusion. lol


Well said.

And congratulations to Jan Steeves! That photo of her with her dogs is beautiful. I can only imagine how euphoric it would feel to finish such a grueling race. The bond these people have with their dogs is immeasurable.


It must!!!!

We have that trouble over here with the bull ride rodeo's. Those bulls are happy, well fed, understand their job, have good days and bad days and sometimes take their work very seriously.

But they are never harmed or hurt or pumped full of drugs or beaten...well, I know you understand!


Julie Mason

They are people who seem to enjoy killing dogs at their headquarters but also seem to know what the sled dogs are thinking.


Conditions at the Iditarod have improved tremendously for dogs. It helped when Susan Butcher was able to pretty convincingly show that dogs treated like companions could still be great on the trail.


I am so furry jealous of all the lukhky pawticipants!!!

Khyra who wants to be one of Karen's Pretty Khurly Tails!


All the good old boy mushers thought Susan was babying her dogs. Then she kept winning races. Remarkable what women can do, isn't it?


I despise Peta..with all my little pea picking heart..fuck them..if they spent 10% of the money that was donated to them on actually going to the animals, there wouldn't be any kill shelters at all.


The world is full of cranky, small-minded people. The best we can do is to try and educate when we can.


Some people don't understand how much working dogs love to work.

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