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Love it; especially the pictures.

Pup Fan

I love William Wegman!


Very lovely, I just don't like the dog in the tree. LOL


His dogs are what made him know to the common man. He has a unique take on a subject that most can relate to in some manner. With a different subject perhaps some of his audience would not be included.


I agree about the dog in the tree being questionable, but the rest are great! Thanks for sharing him with us!

Friar Don, OBR


absolutely love it..


Don't you wonder sometimes if some of the fabulous blogging photographers could have a future as artists? I love William Wegman. Thanks for sharing these videos.


I love all the photos! But my favorite is the pup stuck in the trees!


geogia little pea

I love the dog in the tree! Weis are such photogenic dogs.

Happy leap year! x


I love Wegman's work. I wish my dogs were as photogenic.


I remember learning about Wegman and Man Ray on the Weimariner episode of Dogs 101. It's so cool he has been able to make a living celebrating these gorgeous animals.

Thanks for sharing the Sesame Street footage. Nothing like nostalgia!


Thanks so much for sharing this. I've seen these photos here and there, and have loved them. Great hearing about Wegman and Man Ray.

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