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...and now we know how the dog got that way. "I think it's hilarious," aka "rather than correcting the bad behavior, I've probably been encouraging it from day one."


Small dog bites can puncture arteries and get infected not to mention they are painful. How hilarious is that? What an idiot.

Sherry in MT

The owner's response is MORE than a little disturbing. That 22 year old doesn't deserve to have ANY size dog!


Regardless of breed, I feel it's necessary for the owner to be responsible for the dog's behavior.

Based on this owner's reaction? I'm glad it's "only" an 8 pound Chihuahua and not a breed already fighting prejudice.

Karen Friesecke

I certainly would not want to get bitten by a chihuahua or any other dog, for that matter. I find the owner's laissez-faire attitude really shitty. A bite is a bite, regardless of the size of the animal.


Hilarious, after the dog bites some child in the face, requiring stitches and scarring them for life? Yeah, that's real funny.

Train your dog, or don't own one.


I have had pitty bulldogs, great danes, german shepherds, chows, shar peis and never been bitten. the only dog that has ever bit me was a fecking chihuahua..


Now we know why poor little Misha bites anyway - the owner's attitude. She clearly doesn't believe an 8 pound dog requires training, which makes her part of the problem and the reason many people dislike small dogs. Ms. Lees has a very odd sense of humour.

Good on the city of Windsor for upholding the laws regardless of size.

supra sport

Wow!! I can’t believe it took me so long to find you! THANKYOU!

Southern quebec

I think this is a common attitude among owners of small dogs. Behaviour that is tolerated in a small dog would never be acceptable in a large one. I don't know how many times I have walked my dog, only to have a yapper dog lunge and bark at us. My default when I see one of these dogs is too just assume none of them are trained and cross the street.

Remember, this is the dog of Paris Hilton...'nough said... :)


I got bit by a small dog once and I was walking away. The little S.O.B. came out his door and ran up a long side-walk, I just assumed by ignoring the dog and walking away I was non-threatening, still it came up and bit me at the back of my heel.

It's not funny in the least, if I were the city of Windsor I would require rehoming the dog with an experience and willing to train owner.

Poor Misha.


Great post Jan. I shook my head when I read the owners comment. Ugh! Problem explained. Too cute to be dangerous or trained I guess. Yes. Dangerous dog laws should be equally applied.


Any dog can bite and if they have proven that they are vicious, then the owner needs to be very diligent. Very!!!


Dennis the Vizsla

Sure, she's cute. Just like Hannibal Lecter is cute.


I've never been in favor of dangerous breed restrictions, but I sadly every dog has the potential to have issues when owners are not taking the proper precautions. Small dogs have the potential to bite and snap and are accepted in places large dogs often don't have access, too.

Owner responsiblity should be at the heart of any restrictions placed on animal control. Responsible owners should not be held accountable for those who are not merely because they own the same breed.


Eh...reading farther into this, I don't think I at least know enough about the situation to make a judgment call. One report says the person who got bit "Shooed the dog with her foot." Which could be anything from kicking the snot out of it to a twitch in the dogs direction. Also the reports go from "Nip" to "Bite" and a number of other extremely vague terms.

The only thing not vague about it is the owners attitude, which is the kind that makes me cringe. The dog has an issue that needs to be addressed---recall if nothing else. It's her refusal to admit Misha may be slightly less than perfect that's the real problem.

Dangerous Dog Owner Registry, anyone?


Yet if that dog bit my ankle and I sensibly responded by punting the little sh*t down the street, that girl would be all over me about abusing a defenseless animal. You can't win with the logic-challenged.


I agree with all the rules instituted so no one gets hurt. But you lost me on $1 million insurance. That is ridiculous. Insurance after a dog has had a problem but a million dollars is vengeance.


It does seem excessive, but the city is trying to protect itself from being named in a lawsuit by making sure that the owner has enough money to pay for any damages. They would have to require all dangerous dog owners, no matter the size, to purchase the same amount of coverage.

Rachel Stoneham

Hmm… The owner should be more cautious of his dog. Owning a dog means you have to take responsibility for it! Dogs can't be taught right away… that is why you have to keep an eye on it and watch out for signs of aggression.

Balam Kck

Amazing Very tiniest teacup chihuahua ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH5aAfMKFzQ


Thank goodness the owner does not have a larger dog as with that attitude god only knows what the dog would be like. IT'S THE OWNER NOT THE DOG...

Polly the Dog

She should take the damn stupid coat off the poor dog and take it to Doggie Training and Responsible ownership classes. If she is a spoilt little madam with no rules or boundaries how can she expect the dog to be any different? Deed not Breed remember? It's the irresponsible owner to blame NOT the dog.
If you want to read how a dog should behave then read this dog blog:


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