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geogia little pea

YAY! to the Lizard Brain award winner. Fully agree with JRTs too. Sigh.

As for Dozer, I find that a bit sad. What is a pet motel? Is that a nice name for a boarding kennel?


Very good choices for the awards. I do agree with Georgia though, a pet motel is just a fancy word to say, my dog lives in a kennel.


Go Team Sophy! I still think that's just awesome.

Also agree with the Neanderthal award winner. But they are always probably my choice. :-P


my friend Shady Lane used to have a jack russel..he was a funny dog but such a gigantic pain in the ass...they just have so much energy.


Good choices all.

As for little Misha, we had a chihuahua back in the day who would go after animals or humans that she didn't like regardless of their size.

They can be vicious, but, they're also easily intimidated by someone who isn't afraid of dogs.

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